Sweet Dreams Are Made of This 2020

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This 2020 is a theory module in the Interaction Design course at the ZHdK. Over the next few weeks we will cover different topics and try to sharpen our view on things. At the same time we will test our flexibility to take a position on a topic and to be open and learn.
I personally consider this class a great opportunity, also because the course requires self-reflection. What in reality is sometimes too often overlooked.

What made an impact on you?

Coding, even when I’m not good in it. It gives me a insight into a world which has been so unknown for me. Of course I always knew behind a machine or the web there is more than just numbers. Someone has to code/create it. But to be able to create something like this by myself, has been a different feeling.

The funny thing is now that I understand what is happening, a little bit of the magic how everything works is gone. But at the same time I know now as well how I can create magic for others.

Who do you think you had an impact on?

I think the biggest impact I made on a person is Saar Magal. A dance choreographic from Israel. It was thanks to the workshop from a lecture that we meet each other. It was also kind of the first client where I could show what Interaction Design means and where is potentials is.



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