Own it

That I can’t show anything. I have already done two training courses(electrician & Fashion Design), each of which was connected with a final thesis. I know that feeling of tunnel vision, when you reflect on your work halfway through and you start to have doubts. And you just think, what am I doing here? That’s what I’m afraid of. This “I would like to show as much as possible” feeling and lose myself in too many different topics.
So that one cannot follow my trains of thought any more.
Or that I come to no new insights at the end and also leave the artists somehow in the lurch.

What if my thesis would have no impact?

You have to live with that. Not every invention will bring the desired success, I think with my age I also look at the whole thing a little more pragmatically.
The important thing is that when you look back you have given everything. I know it sounds pretty cheesy, but it is. If every one of our ideas had an impact then we would all be living in a completely different world.



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