In Formation

Little task, with a great impact. For this week we had to search and choose a poster which trigged us in terms of the expressiveness of the poster but also the story behind it. In the beginning I was very focused on the student revolution in Switzerland 1968. But over the time and with more ongoing research I figured out that the origin came from France. And this revolution had a huge impact on the Swiss students, actually on the hole world. Without it maybe our school system especially for students would probably look quite different. Social institutions such as the Dynamo (Zurich), where people meet and live out their creativity, also owe their origin to this revolution.

“Be young and shut up” It was the young (students) who started this incredible movement. At the University Nanterre an industrial area and not far from Paris, problems started to growing more and more. A quadrupling of student numbers within four years and a study reform that did not work. Because in the end young people from the upper class were preferred and get access to university. But also there has been quite practical everyday problems.
Riots broke out at the university, which then developed into a major event on May 22, triggering the great wave of protests in France.

Many small events that trigger a big event, we followed these thoughts not only with the poster but also with ourselves. Points of intersection that influence us and why we are where we are today. For myself it started super early when I had to choose with 15 what I want to be in my life (kind of). I had the opportunity to work on the construction as an electrician or as civil engineering draftsman. I chose electricians because I knew already back then that an office job alone would never make me happy. I also need to be able to create something with my hands.
The second influence was the BMS graduation work. In which I designed a t-shirt collection. Everything was done by myself, from the design of the cut to the print, my ideas should flow into everything. It was also this incredible pride I had afterwards and also a little overwhelming what can happen from my own thoughts.
The last thing that influences me, I (ironically) can hardly influence is luck. Luck plays a very, very big role in my life. Sometimes I was just in the right place at the right time or just let myself be guided. And only because of this I am where I am today, with a well filled backpack of knowledge.



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