I have a dream.

Pascal Jeker
2 min readNov 22, 2020


My realistic goal for the bachelor project is to present a fully functional portable and transformable stage at the diploma exhibition. And to deliver a great show to the audience who will come on the diploma day.
At the moment I’m on the right track for this, as 13 people (theater & music) have so far responded to my request. Which means a lot to me and also gives me the chance to believe in my project.

Therefore it is not difficult for me to dream bigger and to imagine what I would like to achieve with this stage. My dream goal is that this project will live on after it’s completion. That the stage is so well thought out that it not only meets the requirements of the artists who used it at the exhibition, but also attracts many new performers. Who want to contact me and perform on my stage.
Now you could add here that the stage is only a means to an end. And that through all the acquaintances I build up my own “pool” of artists. So that I can go directly to clients and offer a tailor-made program next to the stage. In addition, for those who want to, I could also take care of everything from social media to performances. With this I would cover a whole spectrum and support those who are not familiar with it or do not like it.
But that is the big dream.

It is much more important to me that word gets around that this tiny place stands for the greatest possible creative freedom. I also hope to be able to set up the stage at the most different places, be it a wedding or a festival.
Therefore it would be nice if the media would report about the stage. That means more in the direction of art and culture magazines and design blogs.

As you can see, it is not about the size of the target audience, but that it should be a new experience for them. Just like for the performers* that they can try something out or want to show their presence everywhere.

With such a project also comes a big responsibility with itself. As a stage owner it is not only important to deal with the stage, but also with the performers and the environment. Is it worth it to set up the stage in Zurich and Geneva in one day? Who has priority (first comes first)? How much freedom do I really give the artists?
Maybe if you reduce the whole project it will be nothing more than a portable surface with a manifesto at the end. This way the people who use it can make the rules they find necessary.
And if you take this idea a step further, it is ultimately about giving each performer a chance to show their show.